Tuesday, April 26, 2016

IDF believes an ISIS affiliate has chemical weapons near its border.

via Times of Israel
Defense officials are concerned that an Islamic State affiliate operating near the Syrian border with Israel has acquired chemicals weapons and may be planning to test them, Channel 10 news reported Tuesday.
The report said officials believed the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade, a terrorist group affiliated with the Islamic State and based on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, may have recently gotten its hands on chemical weapons which once belonged to the Assad regime.
Israel is closely monitoring the organization, and believes it may be planning tests of the weapons’ capabilities.
The Channel 10 report noted that the group was not currently concerned with Israel and was not directing offensive efforts against it, being preoccupied with fighting other groups in the Syrian civil war. Any chemical weaponry in their hands was thus not considered an immediate threat to Israelis. But officials fear this may well change in the future.
So what is the game here?  Why is the IDF making this public?

I think its a warning shot to the Pentagon and a finger in the eye of the Obama administration.   I don't know the status of military to military cooperation.  Consider all the camp followers that the Obama admin has in the Pentagon I would think that its at an all time low.  If the IDF sees this as a temporary setback then a news report like this would be a nice way of warning the Pentagon to the troubles that our Special Ops people might face when helping the so called "moderate" terrorists.

The finger in the eye part comes from the fact that more and more we're seeing Assad as being the MUCH lesser of two evils.  If I was ever gonna back off my idea of teaming with Russia to crush the rebels/terrorists and leave Assad in power, this news didn't help.

Something is simmering in the Middle East.  What it is I can't tell but I expect it to pop soon.

Yep.  This summer is gonna be interesting.

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