Thursday, April 28, 2016

ISIS terrorists destroying 3 Turkish tanks on the Turkey-Syrian border (vid)

Thanks to Info Infantry for the link!

Someone (both the Kurds and Terrorists are denying it) is plinking Turkish tanks near the border of Syria.  I notice that the vid shows Russian anti-tank systems (I believe).

Seems like the Tiger that Turkey didn't want to help us control is starting to bite them.  More disturbing?  Check out the pic below.

I will never understand the habit of people in that region to parade the dead.  Maybe its my Western sensibilities but I find that to be wrong on so many levels.  Kill your enemy.  That is war.  But to parade the body?  Maybe I'm just twisted but this .... this I don't understand.

Side note;  The VP is in Iraq because of some type of political crisis.  We keep pumping people back in there to prop up failed govt after failed govt.  This thing is gonna drag on till someone figures out that the only solution is split the country up.

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