Saturday, April 30, 2016

KA-62 flies...

Thanks to Alert 5 for the link!

via Russian Helicopters Press Release.
"The new Ka-62 will be a worthy addition to the civilian version of the honored and the most massive in the world of the Mi-8/17, covering in great demand in the niche class helicopter take-off weight of 6.7 tons."
The Ka-62 was designed for a wide range of tasks. The main areas of application include the Ka-62 transport passengers, rescue operations, as well as in oil and gas field. Thanks to the spacious and comfortable cabin of the helicopter is ideal for corporate travel. The high level of the helicopter installed power allows a wide range of heights during its operation. The Ka-62 can be used in hot climates and fly over the sea area.
This helicopter looks like a blend of a UH-60, Relentless 525 and the Eurocopter Dolphin.

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