Friday, April 29, 2016

Make women register for the draft? Hell yeah!

"The arrogance of the mother will be borne by the pain of the daughter..."

via Military Times.
Women will have to register with the Selective Service and would be eligible to be drafted in the military, under a provision narrowly approved by a House panel on Wednesday.
The proposal passed the House Armed Services Committee without support from its sponsor, Iraq War veteran Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., who introduced the measure as a way to force congressional conversation about the role of women in the military.
But several Republicans broke ranks with their committee counterparts to support the idea of drafting women for military service, until now a possibility solely reserved for men.
I absolutely love this.

Haynie, USNI Blog, Democrat Female Senators/Reps and others all pushed the idea of women in combat (like that sorry, dick sucking, ass named Mabus....GOD I would take pleasure in watching him bleed) to serve a narrow slice of people that wanted the benefits of being in combat arms without having to deal with the negative sides.

The reality is that someone's daughter from a middle or lower class family would buy the lies and even if not deployed would be wrecked for life.  Female physiology is not designed for the rigors.

But now.

Now in the fantasy world that these people live in, they've acted stupidly.  They've opened the door to their daughters getting pushed into the meat grinder and the distinct possibility of their granddaughters being on the front lines suffering the brutality of combat could become a reality.

Whether they chose it or not.

This pleases me.  My only hope now is that those that pushed so hard for this  fictional "right" suffer the most.  It might be one of their descendants but I pray that they suffer the full force of this social change that they pushing on the country.

Haynie, and her sycophants that pushed this meme so hard at USNI Blog won't "benefit"  from this policy that they pushed for.  Let's hope their daughters experience what they wanted for all women, a chance to get to experience unrelenting real life infantry training/combat.

It's only fair right?

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