Saturday, April 16, 2016

My stance on the US military...the time for cheerleading is over, now we must correct mistakes...

A former reader in his parting shot, accused me of "slamming" the Marine Corps (not his precise words but much clearer than his usual rambling).  My response?  Yeah.  I've been critical of the Marine Corps and the US military.  Why?  Because someone has to.

Have you taken the time to read most "professional" military magazines/journals/websites?  It's a love fest from hell.  No one questions the statements and claims being made.  I don't even think that 99 percent of the defense reporters even know the questions to ask.

Instead of being watchdogs and gatekeepers, the defense press has become information propaganda conduits.  Worse still is the fact that service specific journals have fallen into the same trap.

The F-35 is the most glaring example of the defense press not doing their jobs.  But it only represents one of many issues.  Concepts are being pushed without proper debate, experimentation or even a "reasons for doing it!"  Someone, somewhere has to do the dirty and unwelcomed job of telling the king that he has no clothes.

If that means its SNAFU Blog then so be it.

Long story short.  Don't confuse my criticism with hate.  That's silly.  If I didn't care then I wouldn't write about it.  If it was about "access" then I would play the game the way others do.  This is about seeing what I consider real problems and voicing my opinion about what should be done to fix them.

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