Monday, April 25, 2016

Obama marches armed forces leftward

Thanks to Mike K for the link!

via Washington Times
President Obama has become one of the nation’s most successful commanders in chief when it comes to at least one battlefield: the liberal agenda.
In his final months in office, Mr. Obama is leaving a legacy of a more politically correct armed forces, with the top brass squarely behind him, save the Marine Corps.

Perhaps not since Harry S. Truman’s landmark 1948 order to racially integrate the military has a president unleashed his own collective social revolution on the Pentagon with such success. In the process, the building also has become one of the administration’s loudest voices on battling climate change, even as its ability to fight one major war on schedule is in doubt due to budget cuts.
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THIS IS WHAT I WAS BITCHING ABOUT when I crossed swords with Haynie and the USNI Blog!  NO ONE wanted to engage and only after all was said and done did people begin to howl.

If you arrive at a fight late, then its too late.  So after reading this all I can see is the brilliance of their plan.  They put in place a weak ineffective Commandant (Amos)...they followed up with another guy with stars in his eyes (Dunford) and when he showed signs of having even an ounce of spine they kicked him upstairs and put in place another go along to get along stooge (Neller).

The USMC has been damaged and we still don't see the type of leadership to fix things.  Worse?  You have so called advocacy groups like USNI that gave in to political correctness and assisted in the Corps destruction.

This is why I don't even think about joining or donating any of the so called Marine Corps the time of need they sat on the sidelines.

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