Friday, April 29, 2016

Protests at Trump rally...

I'm watching these clowns and this is taking on a MUCH different vibe than what we saw earlier.  I'm watching protesters pushing and shoving police!

They're being MUCH MUCH MUCH calmer about it than I would.  The pepper spray would already be flying.  Of course the news media is all over it and one thing is certain....

In my neck of the woods this is just making Trump even more inevitable....people on the fence will start to side with him.  The elite don't get it.  They're about to guarantee a win for him.

UPDATE 1:  Protesters are waving Mexican flags.

UPDATE 2:  Ok, the protester pushed over the barricades and rushed toward the building.  The police stopped them at the door but the crowd continues to attempt to rush the building everytime they hear that Trump is approaching.  HIS SECRET SERVICE DETAIL IS ON CRACK IF THEY LET HIM ATTEND THIS EVENT!!!

UPDATE 3:  I cannot tell you how offensive it is to see Mexican flags being held by people protesting against a US PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE!  How can they think that this is a good look?  This irks me more than the activity itself.  Self check on this one.  Why does a foreign flag annoy me so much?  BECAUSE ITS THE FUCKING USA THAT"S WHY BITCHES!!!!

UPDATE 4:  Protesters are hurling eggs at police.  Trump has made it inside the building.  More Mexican flags, no one is speaking English.  That bugs me too.  Is that racist?  Not in my opinion.  I thought it was about assimilation!

UPDATE 5:  Police are playing chase a protester.  Interesting side note.  Hispanic gangs have (maybe had...California is not a favorite place and I've vowed to never return) a shoot on sight for black males.  The weird thing is that I saw Black Panthers in the audience with the protesters.  WTF!  Isn't that like seeing a black guy wearing a KKK robe?  I need to dig into this part.

UPDATE 6:  The talking heads are going crazy trying to blame the POLICE (there are NO counter protesters present) for the drama!  Simply amazing.  Additionally I even heard one muppet that works for MSNBC try and claim that the protests in the South and Northeast were worse than what we're seeing today.  I STRONGLY BEG TO DIFFER!

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