Friday, April 22, 2016

Russia developing the BTR-87? Do they have too many vehicles in development?

via Janes
Russia is developing the new BTR-87 armoured personnel carrier (APC), the Director General of Military-Industrial Company (VPK), Alexander Krasovitsky, told IHS Jane'sat Defence Services Asia 2016 exhibition at Kuala Lumpur.
"BTR-87 features rear apparel [ramp], new internal layout, and more comfortable seats for the crew and mounted soldiers. The vehicle's engine is located in the front part. The new APC could hardly be defined as the modification of previously developed BTR-82A APC. It is a new vehicle. A BTR-82A can be converted to a BTR-87, but such conversion is not expedient," Krasovitsky said. He mentioned that the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has shown keen interest in the new APC, although VPK is developing BTR-87 on its own initiative.
Slightly off topic but have you kept track of all the official Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Armored Personnel Carriers, Infantry Mobility Vehicles etc....that the Russians have going on at the same time?   A quick visual recap....

Kamaz 6398



Bumerang 8x8

The vehicles above are only the new IFV/APC/IMVs that they're highlighting ..I have a story in the que that says that this vehicle is back on....

ATOM 8x8
Even the combined US Army and Marines wouldn't expect to field a portfolio of vehicles this large.  Additionally it doesn't take into account all the vehicles that Russia says that its modernizing.

I don't know how I missed something this simple, but there are just too many.  Its not just a matter of financing, but a matter of military practicality.  We're looking at several different types of vehicles all doing the same job.  It just doesn't make any sense.

What am I missing?  From my chair they have far too many vehicles in development....even with the BTR-87 being a private venture.

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