Wednesday, April 20, 2016

US relief efforts...Why are we helping the Japanese but ignoring Ecuador? UPDATED!

If you follow the USMC then you know that the 31st MEU has been assisting in the Japanese earthquake effort.  Once again HQMC is taking the time highlight the work done by the MV-22.

Ok.  I'm not all convinced that the MV-22 is the right airplane for the job or even for the Marine Corps, but we're helping the Japanese and that's what counts right?

Wrong.  The Japanese are more than capable of dealing with this crisis by themselves.  They don't need big brother US stepping in to help them.  Meanwhile check this out from Reuters...
A magnitude 6.2 earthquake shook Ecuador's already devastated Pacific coast before dawn on Wednesday, terrifying residents and hindering rescuers searching for survivors of an even bigger quake at the weekend which killed more than 500 people.
The latest big tremor, which followed several hundred aftershocks from Saturday's 7.8 quake, hit 25 km (15 miles) off the island of Muisne on the northwest coast at a depth of 15 km (9 miles), the U.S. Geological Survey said.
That was near the epicenter of Saturday's major quake, which leveled a long swath of the coastline and dealt a major blow to the oil-producing nation's already fragile economy.
Two strong tremors of about 30 seconds each woke people up and sent them running into the street.

"You can't imagine what a fright it was. 'Not again!,' I thought," said Maria Quinones in Pedernales, which bore the brunt of Saturday's disaster. On a highway outside town, children sat holding placards saying "food, please".
Ecuador.  In our own backyard has been decimated by earthquakes but its on no one's radar.  You want to see a new flood of illegal immigrants?  Let this situation continue!  Could you blame them for rushing to the US when their own govt is incapable of helping?

We have a combatant commander for S. America yet I have seen no request for forces to deliver aid.  We have units all across the world engaged in questionable partnership exercises yet a real world mission pops up and the Pentagon ignores it!

We should do better.

UPDATE!  Super Rhino provided this link and I'm posting pics below.  My Spanish is weak but reading the comments its obvious that people are praising Peru and singing about them at the top of their lungs. 

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