Saturday, April 16, 2016

Vitaly Kuzmin's Hi-Rez pics of the Russian May Day Practice.

Vitaly Kuzmin is on the job presenting quality hi-rez pics of the Russian May Day Practice.  Check it out here!  Below is a small sample of what's waiting at his website.

I never realized how big these self propelled guns are.

This is the wave of the future that is being missed I believe.  An eight shot anti-tank launcher on a high mobility vehicle?  Is this the new Cav vehicle for heavy armored formations?  Can you imagine the carnage if 4 of these Tigrs showed up on the flank of an Armored Brigade Combat Team undetected and they launched all missiles on command and fled?

The RWS on these vehicles confuses.  Why are they so big?  Does anyone have an interior view of them?  Do they penetrate into the hull?  Can you reload under armor?  Last do you notice the heavy emphasis on anti-tank missiles?  Four ready to fire?  We should never have let the French work with them on this project!

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