Wednesday, May 04, 2016

34 years ago today...HMS Sheffield sunk by Argies.

Thanks to JF for the correction. I originally titled this incident as happening 20 years ago. My mistake. Obviously multi-tasking is not a personal strength!

Comment by Andrew Newson on the Royal Navy FaceBook Page.
How disappointing that the Royal Navy's first post of the day is about a science fiction film with a picture of an aircraft.
34 years ago today the Royal Navy lost its first warship in anger since the Second World War when two Argentinian aircraft launched Exocet missiles against HMS Sheffield in the South Atlantic with the loss of 20 souls.
Well said Mr. Newson.

Today marked a turning point in modern warfare.  The precision weapon system arrived full force and naval warfare was forever changed.

The Royal Navy is on the Star Wars bandwagon declaring "may the fourth" be with you.  Just like all military forces in the Western world, they should focus on the serious instead of the trivial.  Sailors lost their lives.  This should be a day of reflection for them, not a time to glob onto silliness.

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