Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) schedule slips again. via IHS Janes.

via IHS Janes.
The US Marine Corps (USMC) Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) programme is moving forward at a good pace, and the corps credits a unique acquisition approach for the efforts' progress.
ACV has used competitive prototyping and has incentivised competitors through a willingness to pay a premium for 'above threshold capability' that would lead to more work on a follow-on ACV increment, and this has cut time from the acquisition process, William Taylor, the USMC's programme executive officer for land systems, said during a 16 May briefing at Navy League's annual Sea-Air-Space exposition.
He said the USMC expects an initial operational capability (IOC) for ACV 1.1 in fiscal year 2020 and then IOC for ACV 1.2 less than three years later.
The article is much longer and its behind a paywall.  Tried to get in touch with IHS Janes to get the rest of it but no joy (do they allow you to buy individual articles?).

Regardless.  The ACV has again moved to the right.  Now we're hearing IOC in 2020 instead of 2019.  Below is the original plan...

One year might not seem like much but when you consider the trajectory of this program and how its tied to the hip of the F-35's constant issues then you see the problem.

As much as I hate to say it, the USMC really should just cancel the ACV program.  For all the talk coming from HQMC, two things are obvious.  First.  They don't really give a fuck about armored protection for Marines.  Second.  Even if the current plan "sticks" the ACV will be obsolete due to the Corps not being able to pull the trigger and get this done.  

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