Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Brazilian Jungle Training (pics). Why isn't Southern Command all over this?

pics via   ExĂ©rcito Brasileiro Oficial Flickr Page.

Cold weather training hurts.  You're never warm....its often wet....its always miserable.  Jungle training is weird.  At night the jungle moves....even the trees.  Stuff is always crawling and you start seeing some of those creatures they warned you about whether they're actually there or not.

Having said all that I wonder why Southern Command hasn't pushed for a Joint Service Jungle School sponsored by one of our S. American partners.  Brazil would be all over it (I'm betting anyway) as would several others.  Barring that we could always get with the French and use the course they have setup down there.

Considering the changes in Ranger School I'm betting that if Southern Command bit they'd have a line stretching around the block to get in the door.

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