Thursday, May 26, 2016

Carlton Meyer and Right Sizing the Marine Corps! A MUST READ!

Thanks to Bryan for the link!

via G2Mil.
800 - Eliminate LAR Headquarters and Integrate LAVs

LAVs provide valuable support to Marine Corps units, but there is no need to organize them into battalions. There may be times in long-range, big war operations where a battalion of 100 LAVs moving as a unit is useful. But since Corps normally employs LAVs as part of smaller MAGTFs, LAVs should operate at the platoon level supporting other units as "Light Armor Reconnaissance." In big wars, integrating them into tank battalions is more effective anyway.

The Corps should permanently add a platoon of LAV-25s to the weapons company in each infantry battalion, as is standard in MEUs. An LAV-25 platoon should also be added to each tank company to provide needed reconnaissance and organic infantry support. This would retain the same number of LAVs in the Corps while eliminating some 600 Marines from LAR headquarters overhead. An LAV mortar platoon can provide each tank battalion with needed organic indirect fire support, while the LAV-AT versions replace their HMMWV-TOW. Eliminating those from the tank battalions and their scout platoons (by adding an LAV scout platoon to each tank company) results in another 200 positions eliminated.
This is one of those articles that many have told me about but one that I failed to actually take the hint and read.  Well I expressed interest in it the other day but told you guys that I forgot the site name and luckily Bryan stepped up and steered me in the right direction.

THIS IS A MUST READ PEOPLE (article here)!

The deck chairs have changed a bit since he published this but its still applicable.  The best thing about Meyers' proposal?  He doesn't touch combat power!  His main focus is to return the Marine Corps to its proper orbit....of being a lean, war fighting organization that's focused on its units and not HEADQUARTERS elements!  Again.  This is a must read.

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