Monday, May 02, 2016

China's Carrier Fighter facing development issues?

Thanks to Slowman for the link!

 It reported that F -15 peril, China is likely to look for other alternatives fighters, just as when the development of the J -7III failure, thus emergency import Su -27SK process of the same. But instead fighter J-15 carrier-based aircraft MiG-29 and the F -31 is only two options, but the former does not necessarily agree with Russia, which is the carrier-based version may have to wait 10-15 years, being slow. Therefore continue to transform J-15 has become the Chinese Navy is currently the only option, and the most viable solution is to transform the request Sukhoi company improved, although looking back to Russia to recognize China's equivalent of the Su-33 (J-15 prototype) reverse engineering failed, but in accordance with the current Sino-Russian relations, Russia will not consider face-saving projects, the money will be provided as long as the Su-33 design drawings to China.
F-35 fans will globe onto this information and say "I told ya so" while screaming about how hard it is to design airplanes.  Boeing will thump their chest and say that building a carrier airplane is hard and you can't just plug a play a land based or stovl equipped airplane for the carrier mission.

I say wait one second.

The J-15 is facing development issues in China.  It hasn 't even entered low rate production, but the J-20 and J-31 are moving at relative light speed (its been said that the J-20 is already in low rate production).

So exactly how much of our tech did they steal?  Perhaps I should ask...what didn't they steal! 

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