Sunday, May 08, 2016

Fitness talk. L-arginine is out for steps Citrulline?

Crazy vascularity....he must be rocking 4% body won't last and might even be dangerous but its impressive none-the-less....

OK.  Cool your jets.  I admit that this isn't for the majority of my audience.  Just a few of you guys that are taking rabbit skittles (love that guys vids) trying to make their personal T-Rex, Silver back, Sabre Tooth Tiger an absolute beast.

I got an e-mail from saying that L-Arginine is no longer the king when it comes to increasing vascularity and promoting pumps.  Read the article here.  For those Gym Rats in the audience you know the deal.  Low body fat, getting on that fucking treadmill (yeah I absolutely hate cardio but ya gotta do it), controlling your diet (you build muscle in the kitchen, and during can't outwork a bad diet!) and at the end of all that proper supplementation MIGHT help.  Consider this your Sunday public service announcement to get ready for the "workout week" ahead.

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