Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fitness Talk....this is the real deal with gym bros and gear!

This is crazy but its truth.  If you're scared of needles then you should stay away.  Even if you're not scared of needles then you need to be aware.  After the cycle then you still have to be on point with your post cycle therapy.

This is science, vanity and a roll of the dice. If you go here then be informed about what you're getting into.

But back to the vid.  I've seen guys end up yelling for Doc because they broke a needle and suddenly they have blood squirting out of their asses and the family Corpsman is making small cuts to get it out and then we're working hard to keep the Company Commander from finding out which means some poor bastard is hurting bad because suddenly every PT session turns into hell runs (you can't keep it quiet...the O's find out so they do an uncover punishment/warning shot to everyone).

But the real deal is this.  You don't need to do a pro build stack.  Keep it small and reasonable and you should be fine.

Side note;  I just don't understand that synthol shit.  Pinning into your biceps?  Just wow.  Oh and if you can't understand the muscle psychology behind all this then check out the vid below.  Its tongue in cheek but gets close to the mark on gym bro/rat thinking...

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