Friday, May 20, 2016

If I'm right then protecting yourself just became harder.

As airport security lines get longer, the finger-pointing over blame is growing too.

The nation's leading airlines, already feuding with the Transportation Security Administration, are now taking on Congress.

The trade group Airlines for America on Thursday says Congress should reverse a 2013 decision that diverted $12.6 billion in passenger-security fees to reducing the federal budget deficit. The airlines want that money to pay for airport security screening.

Meanwhile, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has joined a handful of senators in asking airlines to waive fees on checked bags. They say that would lead to fewer carry-on bags for TSA to screen.

Neither side is giving ground, and passengers are stuck in the middle.

Airlines say lines are long because TSA is understaffed while travel is expected to hit a record high this summer. Congress has advanced TSA money to hire 768 more screeners and pay overtime this summer, but airlines say that won't be good enough.
What has me amazed is that out of nowhere these long lines popped up.  Then we see an Egypt Air plane taken down presumably by a terror attack and yet no one is calling the administration on the obvious.

They did a "quiet" terror alert increase, didn't inform the public, stretched lines because the threat was credible...and didn't tell the public a thing.

What's worse is that Congress, Homeland Security and the Airlines are all playing the game when the reality for the public is stark.  If my guess is right then you can no longer rely on officials to warn you of potential danger.  The implications of that are mind blowing.  This can range from attendance at fairs, concerts, malls, shopping centers etc....

For better or worse we've entered a time where because of politics, visuals, economic considerations and other reasons I can't begin to fathom that its up to each person, now more than ever, to be responsible for their own safety.

That means being informed.  It means MAYBE putting on a tinfoil hat and wondering when something inexplicable (like long lines before the summer travel season kicks in) happens what could really be going on.

These are interesting times.  Only the smart, strong and informed will survive.  The foolish, those that worship at the trough of normalcy bias and those that trust in authority will be roadkill.

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