Friday, May 06, 2016

Imperial Japanese Navy Flag on USAF Pilot's Helmets?

Thanks to Slowman for the link!

Let me try and get you guys up to speed on this...and forgive me but this has hallmarks of political correctness but considering the region, we need to be aware.

Slowman  noted that the Chinese were mocking the patches that USAF pilots had on their helmet covers.  Its the flag of the Imperial Japanese Navy during WW2.

Ordinarily I'd wallow in the "Ugly American" thing and if the people of the region are pissed then that's when "liking" the annoyance of the locals turns into a "love" fest.

This time though we should maybe consider the backwards feelings of those in the region.

The Swastika is still a source of pain and for many people in the Pacific the "Rising Sun" is viewed the same way.  Is this a big deal?  Not in my opinion but maybe a new symbol is called for.  Its not a very heavy lift and will keep the S. Koreans, Chinese, and others from having babies and getting into an unnecessary shit fit over nothing.

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