Friday, May 27, 2016

Kornet missile with thermobaric warhead (9M133F-1) is fired against an ISIS the ME culture of war....

Thanks to Info Infantry for the link!

I couldn't tell the effect that the weapon had on the target.  What did catch my attention was the fact that all of those fuckers had what appears at a glance to be IPhones!  They were more concerned with their fucking phones than with their individual weapons!  I only saw one guy grab his rifle (the sniper) and even he had his phone out!

Simply amazing.

There is something totally off with this war.  This isn't combat in the way that we know it.  This is something more tribal.  Remember the early vid I posted with the captured ISIS member?  I didn't point it out but I found it stunning that the commanders were talking shit to each other over the radio.  The conversation went from them both being Muslims and that they needed to be respectful to it ending with them talking about cutting out each others hearts.

These are some weird warriors.

It seems more like some high school stuff where two guys spend five minutes talking smack to each other instead of getting to work.  And I think that's the problem.  We expect a war to be fought and for it to end.  This is the Middle East.  Have we considered that constant war is simply part of the culture?

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