Monday, May 16, 2016

Kurdish attack on Turk Outpost (vid)...the order of battle makes no sense!

Thanks to Info Infantry for the vid.

I thought twice, three times before posting this vid.  Its pure propaganda and could be said to be terrorist propaganda depending on your viewpoint, but I thought it important for one reason.

No matter what happens in Syria, the Kurds and Turks have some settling up to do so the fighting will continue.

Additionally we don't have good visibility on whats really happening in the fighting in Iraq and Syria but the sideshow between the Kurds and Turkey could become the MAIN SHOW if Russia, the US, Iraq and yeah Syria don't get on the same page.

How can you keep up with the order of battle anymore.  It seems to me like it lays out like this....

In the fighting in Iraq.

The US is with Iraq.  Iraq is being supported by Iran and Russia.

In the fighting in Syria.

The US is with the rebels.  Assad is backed by Iran, Russia, Hezbollah.

BUT!!!!  The Rebels that we're supporting in Syria are the same rebels that we're fighting in Syria...and then you have the Kurds.  The Kurds are fighting the rebels in Syria (with us), fighting Assad in Syria (good to us) but also fighting Turkey which I can't figure is a good or bad thing.

This is a chaotic fight from hell and one that we really should sit out.

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