Friday, May 27, 2016

LAV Combat Support Vehicle (LAV CSV) via IHS Janes

via IHSJ
General Dynamics Land Systems Canada (GDLS-C) on 25 May introduced the latest variant of its LAV family at CANSEC in Ottawa. The LAV Combat Support Vehicle (LAV CSV) builds on the LAV 6.0 baseline and is said to improve the LAV family's modularity.
Doug Wilson-Hodge, GDLS-C's manager of corporate affairs, told IHS Jane's the concept was to take proven design features of the LAV 6.0 and create a more mission-flexible platform, while retaining a large degree of commonality with, and the protection of, the LAV series. He noted that GDLS-C designed the platform as an M113 replacement in Canada.
"We designed this vehicle as an M113 replacement with an eye towards the Armoured Combat Support Vehicle [ACSV] project requirements," he said.

Canada is doing it right.  One modification of the base vehicle and they have the foundation for a command, logistics and ambulance.  The only thing they lack is a mobile gun system but since they use "real" tanks in that role they're set.

More information on the concept here.

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