Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) NP(Naval Prototype)-1 and 2

Pics  via Abingdonboy Tumblr Page.

I'm doing alot of reassessing of the situation we're facing in the Pacific.  Its not as simple as I originally thought.  One of the wildcards is India.  Have you considered that as far as naval power is concerned they already rival China?  Did you know that they're slated to have a more powerful carrier AND amphibious assault fleet by 2020 than China too?

India bears watching....the language makes it hard but we should keep a closer eye on developments include the LCA-N.  Its sizing up to be quite a formidable lightweight naval fighter.  Put aside your preconceived notions and check out its specs.  Its like a sea going F-16 mixed with an old skool Jaguar attack fighter.

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