Monday, May 30, 2016

Middle Eastern news papers are reporting that a US soldier died today....

Thanks to MiloMonkey for the terrible news.

via FarsNews.
The dead body of a US army soldier who was killed as he was fighting alongside the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has secretly been transferred to the US Incerlik airbase in Turkey from a village near Raqqa city.

The US soldier was killed in an ISIL's suicide attack before the SDF troops could win back the village of al-Hisha, Syria's Breaking News site reported.
Informed sources told the site that the dead soldier was the first of the 200 American soldiers that Washington has recently dispatched to Syria.
The US soldier was killed last Saturday night in ISIL's suicide attack near al-Hisha village in the outskirts of Raqqa city and his dead body was secretly transferred to the US Incerlik airbase in Turkey.
The report comes as the rift between the US and Turkey has widened due to the former's support for the Kurdish forces in Syria.
Whole story here.

CONSIDER THE SOURCE ON THIS ONE!  FARS is Iranian State News and its info is automatically suspect.

Having said all that, this doesn't have the whiff of propaganda to it.  Rest assured that if my readers have it, then so do our intel agencies and they would curb stomp the hell out of it before word hit the street if it was false.

So say a prayer for the fallen.

And pray that our national leadership stops listening to the Globalist and Wilsonians and stop getting us involved in these wars...I don't care if its to spread democracy or aid the suffering....

We've suffered too much too.  Its time for this to stop...and I'm hardly a peace-hawk.

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