Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ok Breaking Defense. I'm calling you out. This article is bullshit!

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“This is a long desired capability for V-22,” an industry official following the program said. “You talk about force multipliers — that’s what this is.”
“Marine Corps Ospreys with VARS will be able to refuel the F-35B Lightning II with about 4,000 pounds of fuel at VARS’s initial operating capability. MV-22B VARS capacity will increase to 10,000 pounds of fuel by 2019. This will significantly enhance the F-35B’s range, as well as the aircraft’s ability to remain on target for a longer period,” Capt. Sarah Burns, a spokeswoman at Headquarters Marine Corps, says.
(Article here.)

Say what?  I follow the Marine Corps and I follow Marine Air.  This "long desired" capability popped up out of nowhere.  It has NOT been long desired and the only people that even proposed such an arrangement were the BRITS!  I'll check in with a couple of British blogs that are switched on but if I recall correctly EACH and EVERY one of the proposed modifications for the MV-22  was first pushed by the Brits because of their desire to make their catapult less, jump carriers as efficient as a full size US carrier.

But if that isn't enough check this out.
Lt. Gen. Jon Davis, deputy commandant for aviation, has talked about using the Osprey to carry weapons packages, fitting a laser designator under its nose a la the MQ-1 Predator drone so it can guide its own or another aircraft’s weapons to targets, or outfitting the MV-22B with sensors and data links to turn it into an Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaisance aircraft. But for the moment, the program is focused on adding the VARS capability, which is also seen as a draw for potential foreign navy buyers.
No one is saying it so I will.  THAT IS IDIOCY ON A PLATE!  Why would you take a MV-22 and use it like a Predator Drone?  You're going to hazard a large, slow flying airplane to designate targets?  You're going to waste the time of a SUPPOSEDLY high demand airplane in an ISR role when you have other less expensive options available?

I'm calling you out Breaking Defense.  This is nothing but a fucking puff piece.  Its borderline advertising for a concept.  Its inches away from being propaganda.  

You guys did no due diligence AT ALL!  Did you ask any questions?  Did you ask the why's and what for's with regard to these concepts?  This article is bullshit and you guys are better than this!

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