Friday, May 13, 2016

Russian helicopter to attempt 450 kilometer plus speed run in June.

via Alert 5 from Sputnik.
Russia’s latest combat helicopter boasting a flight speed of a whopping 450-plus kilometers per hour will be test flown in June, deputy director of the rotorcraft’s parent company Russian Helicopters told RIA Novosti.

“Work on the new helicopter is proceeding at full swing. We decided to split the project in two. The demonstrator has already flown and will now be used to research technologies for increasing the rotorcraft’s flight speed to over 450 kmph,” Andrei Shibitov said.
Alert 5 talked about the Mi-24K test bed and while its not mentioned in the article I wasn't aware of that helicopter.  One thing is certain.  Faster helicopters are being sought by almost everyone.  I will never understand while the Piaseki
offering never caught on, but it seems like tilt rotors might be an evolutionary dead end.  

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