Friday, May 20, 2016

SAAB claimed that its Giraffe 4A AESA Radar could detect stealth aircraft in 2014!

We're all gun guys...Tank/Armored Vehicle guys....Helicopter guys...we have some Ship guys and a few of us are airplane (I mean TRUE) guys.

Not many of us (at least from what I can tell) are skooled in radars, electronics, avionics, etc.  Which is why we miss the latest and greatest from the nerd field of warfare.

I've made the claim that stealth is becoming obsolete.  I posted an article that quoted an official with the F-35 program stating that stealth could be detected by high end Russian/Chinese systems.

I was criticized by the usual suspects.

So for the doubters I present the above video.  Its from 2014 and if you
don't have time fast forward to 1:38 seconds.  The claim?  That the SAAB Giraffe 4A AESA Radar can detect stealth at long distance. 

The tech is marching on tribe members.  I ignored many of you when you said that Raytheon's breakthrough with Gallium Nitride was a game changer.  The US has a domestic manufacturer that is producing radars that can detect stealth too.  What I missed in the press release was this very lowkey claim...
A semiconductor material that can efficiently amplify high power radio frequency signals at microwave frequencies, GaN produces five times the power of gallium arsenide (GaAs) technology, which is still used in concert with GaN. Raytheon continues to invest in the development of both GaAs and GaN at the Radio Frequency Components (RFC) Foundry in Andover.

“The greater sensitivity for an antenna array built with GaN components means it can detect and track objects at much further distances,” said Mike Borkowski, technical director at the Radio Frequency Components foundry.
Raytheon was practically screaming that they had a radar that could track stealth but the defense media missed it.

Stealth might not be dead but its executioner has walked into the room.

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