Monday, May 09, 2016

Societal Madness Masquerading As Civil Rights.

Gays in the military?  No problem.  Gay marriage?  Ok.  But transgenders breaking societal norms and using the restrooms that they "identify with"?  Wow.  The thing that has me spinning is that the US Attorney General labeled this a civil rights fight!  How fucking insulting!

Its not.  What it actually is, is the breaking of societal norms.  Not only are we allowing the fiction that a person has that their gender is not the one that they want so they can "identify" with a different one, but our US govt is asking our society to play along with the insanity!

I'm watching for conservatives, churches, thought leaders take a stand on this issue.

None of them will because they've been silenced by political correctness.  This might seem a little thing to you but its another signal to me.  Our country is dying not with a bang, but with the silence of people that know better not speaking up for fear of being labeled.

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