Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The French want the CMV-22?

I got a note from Navy Recognition this morning and was stunned.  This is the test regime (from their website)...
This new testing campaign involved the French Navy's Naval Aviation Practical Experimentation Center (centre d’expérimentations pratiques de l’aéronautique navale - CEPA) and an MV-22B Osprey from Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 263 (VMM-263).

The test which took place of the coast of Spain involved:
- The loading & unloading of cargo with V-22's engines running
- The refuelling of the tilt-rotor aircraft
- The foalding of rotors and wings
- The towing of the Osprey with the LHD's flight deck tractors
- The tying down of the V-22 on the flight deck
And this...
According to the French Navy: "all these capabilities will enable to achieve operational interoperability to transport troops or logistical supply, similar to the C2 Greyhound on the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle".
Navy Recognition believes that the French Navy wants the MV-22, correction the Navy's version...the CMV-22 to act as a Greyhound.  Interesting and a bit confusing.

I need more info on how the CMV-22 stacks up against the Greyhound.  I believed that the C2 was superior across the board but maybe that's wrong.  There has to be some capability beyond being able to hover that has the French interested.

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