Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Left is nervous about the election! Check out this article on Hillary & Benghazi/Private Server!

Thanks to Super Rhino for the link!

via Huffington Post.
Don’t be certain Trump can’t defeat Clinton in a general election, even if the FBI doesn’t recommend indictments. Once he pivots towards being a semi-normal human being, and distances himself from the bigoted stances he utilized to gain power within the GOP, Clinton would face a more “likable” Trump. In a battle of two individuals with negative favorability ratings, the person who might have jeopardized national security with a private server could easily lose.

In the best case scenario, Clinton doesn’t face indictments, but the FBI confirms that she jeopardized national security. Thus, Republicans would make even the best case scenario for Clinton’s campaign a major political liability. America isn’t a closed Democratic primary, and Clinton would be on the defensive during every televised debate against Trump.
I had forgotten about the FBI investigation.

This is a pivot point.  We can assume that the Obama Admin wants to protect his legacy and the best way to do that would be to have Hillary win a third term for his agenda.

But we're also talking about a legacy item.

What if the FBI recommends indictment and the Obama Admin refuses?  What if they delay the findings till after the election?  He would be seen as hiding the truth from the American people and everyone that says that he's an imperial President would be proven right.  Additionally Washington leaks.  Someone would speak out.  There is no way they could keep blockbuster news like that secret.

Yeah.  The establishment and the Dems are nervous.  This Trump thing has all the hallmarks of a movement.  If Hillary is indicted then it would be a coronation (which is also kinda spooky). 

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