Saturday, May 07, 2016

They promised us more riots in Iraq this weekend and nothing. We should be worried.

Last night we heard that additional Marines were sent to the already reinforced US Embassy in Iraq.  Last week we were told by opposition groups in Iraq that they would be back this weekend to protest and riot.

There is no news of rioting/protests in Iraq this weekend.

That should worry the shit out of US planners.  My first thought is that they were able to move alot further with alot less resistance than they originally planned.

The opposition is reassessing.  They're getting ready for a possible overthrow.  They understand how vulnerable the govt is and they're gathering forces for a major strike.

Iraq isn't quiet.  Its bubbling beneath the surface and I expect it to pop before the end of this month.  I could be wrong but if I'm right then hold on!  Ft Apache with US Forces stranded in the desert hoping that Marine/Air Force/Army helicopters can transport them to Turkey, Kuwait, Jordan or other countries will shock the country.

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