Sunday, May 22, 2016

This time Indonesia gets to chest thump....they won the Australian Army Skills comp...we didn't place.

The Indonesian Army contingent has won the Australian Army Skills at the Arms Meeting (AASAM) shooting competition in Australia by grabbing 23 gold medals.
The competition, held in Puckapunyal, Australia, from May 3 to 19, saw the participation of 20 countries.
"The Chinese Army was placed second with nine gold medals, while the Japanese were in third position with four golds," Indonesian Military spokesperson Colonel Czi Berlin G said here Saturday (May 20).
Ok....but where's the chest thumping you say?  Check this out...
"The success demonstrates the professionalism of the Indonesian Army. Our soldiers are not inferior to the troops from other countries the UK, France, China and Australia, and troops such as such as the United States Marines Corps (USMC), US Army, and Anzac," he noted.
Can't lie.  Its been fun to bash the Army about the Tank competition but now I'm saying what the fuck.

We didn't place?  China and Japan beat us?  Trust me on this one.  This might mean nothing to you sitting in the US or Europe but it means alot in Asia.

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