Monday, May 02, 2016

Unknown Armor. Zhalo 2S14-S Fire Support Vehicle...

Never heard of the Zhalo 2S14-S Tank Destroyer?  Neither did I.  Luckily I monitor the tank video games just so I can see the latest and greatest "obscure" vehicle that the developers introduce to keep their games fresh (I do the same with modeling sites...armored vehicle history is being lost at an alarming rate).

I'm having to add CG artist to the list of people that are working hard to preserve armor history.  If you have a passing interest in armored vehicles then you should check out 3D Models Blog.

But back to the vehicle.  Not much info is available online and the wiki entry says that it was in prototype form only.  Below are pics of it in real life.

Amazing isn't it.  During the cold war the Russians were ahead of everyone (except maybe the French) when it comes to motorized units.  If they had gone forward with this concept then we might have seen scenarios where motorized forces would have the same shock power of Tank Battalions.

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