Saturday, May 21, 2016

While you're enjoying your weekend, Iraq is roiling in sectarianism.

Thanks to FNU Winarto for the link!

via Voice of America.
Baghdad's fortified International Zone was calm but tense Saturday following Friday's violence by protesters who defied bullets and tear gas to storm the area.
The city woke to the early morning sound of helicopters, most of them heading in and out of the highly secured section where Iraq's government buildings are located.
As demonstrators fled the gunfire and tear gas Friday afternoon, some carrying their injured friends away from the IZ, the anti-government protesters vowed they would return – but with weapons.
Many are followers of Shi’ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr who, like many of the political leaders in Iraq, has his own armed militia knows as the Peace Brigades.
Sadr has come out in support of what he describes as the people’s “revolution” against the government.
Has anyone noticed the rhythm of this thing?  Sadr's people conduct large demonstrations....they back off then we see suicide bombers...the govt almost cans its offensive against ISIS because they're scared shitless of getting hit in the capitol and US commanders talk sense to them so they continue....then Sadr's people hit again.

Its almost like they're coordinated!

Iraq from my chair seems like a hopeless situation.  No one wants to say civil war but that's exactly what Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan is when you boil it down to its most basic parts.

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