Saturday, May 14, 2016

Wow. No death penalty for criminals but euthanasia for citizens...

via Daily Mail.
She is a conventional mother who enjoys life with her two children and husband in a farming town 100 miles away from Holland's razzmatazz capital of Amsterdam. Helena waves her youngsters off to school every morning, puts their dinner on the table at night and strongly values the importance of her close-knit family.
The 40-year-old's gentle lifestyle could not be further removed from the euthanasia industry which has given Holland a notorious reputation all over the world. The latest figures show that last year 5,516 Dutch people — including children — were legally killed by lethal injection administered by doctors trained to do the task with rapid efficiency.
Read the entire article.  I really don't understand the world.  Europeans mock the US for punishing murders by lethal injection but happily euthanize their citizens?


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