Thursday, June 16, 2016

Boeing strike back in Canada jet war!!!!

Thanks to Super Rhino for the link!

Last week Lockheed Martin warned it would pull hundreds of millions of dollars in F-35 related work out of the country unless its jet was selected to replace Canada's CF-18s.
On Wednesday, rival aerospace company Boeing tried to paint that notion as an empty threat and promised to match or even exceed the value of lost contracts should Canada go with it instead.
Story here.

This is getting good.  Boeing is FINALLY engaging on the real battleground with regard to the F-35.

Cost and jobs.

We know that this plane is still wildly expensive AND we know that the business plan adopted by Lockheed Martin makes absolutely no sense.  Spreading production of this airplane around the globe is hardly a cost saving measure and probably adds MILLIONS to the cost of each airplane.

Boeing is taking steps to finally confront the corruption in this Lockheed, DoD, USMC/USAF program

About fucking time.  Well done Boeing (but you bastards should have done this years ago).

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