Sunday, June 26, 2016

Did Brexit destroy the UK's nuclear deterrence?

I got an interesting e-mail from Robert I'd like to share.
Final vote to replace the Trident submarine nuclear deterrent fleet was due in Westminster this summer - that decision will not be possible until the issue of an Independent Scotland has been
resolved - based on EU referendum demographics, it is clear the United Kingdom has imploded, which opens up the prospect that the last country in Europe to retain an independent nuclear deterrent will be France!
Wow.  I hadn't considered this.  The Brit nuclear sub issue never really concerned or intrigued me.

After this e-mail that might have been a mistake.

Think about this.  If the Brits are to maintain nuclear subs then even IF they hold a vote this summer and confirms the thinking that they're going to remain a nuclear power, then not only do they have to budget those new subs but they also have to build a new base for them.

So what choice would you make?  Continue to be a global power because of your nuclear deterrence or bolster your conventional forces so that you can engage in ongoing small wars without end?

The Brit defence budget is in a hurt locker whether they like it or not.

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