Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fitness talk. Boston Loyd is almost begging the cops to bust him!

Geez!  Did you watch the vid?  This guy is basically waving a red flag in front of Law Enforcement to kick down his door for roid use.

Dirty Secret?  LEO's really don't give a fuck about steroids.  Its a niche drug and they have bigger fish to fry.  You move toward distribution or basically say "fuck you" to them over social media and you're headed toward serious trouble.

Ole' boy is headed toward serious trouble.

I don't get the need to post a vid showing him going to the post office to pick up gear.  Walking around with a t-shirt with a pic of a needle in an ass is over the top too.  Even worse is driving a BRIGHT ORANGE JEEP with 3cc's on the side!

Prediction?  Boston will get busted before the end of the year.

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