Friday, June 17, 2016

French Police reaching the breaking point. What happens when it reaches the US?

Thanks to Nico for the link!

via the BBC.
French President Francois Hollande has vowed to improve the protection of police officers, after a police couple was killed by a militant this week.

But during a ceremony to honour the victims, one policeman refused the shake hands with the president and his prime minister.
Interviewed on TF1 television afterwards, he said "There are too many problems in the police. We've had enough."

This is interesting.  Notice the French President's vow?  "To improve the protection of police officers".

So now the "protectors of society" need protection?  This is the slippery slope that I've always warned about.  When you're being realistic AND honest, its not up to the government to protect people.  Its an individual responsibility.

Why have we gotten into this endless war?  Simple.  The American people didn't have to pay a price for it.  They got to "live their lives" and support the war effort by "shopping".

That's changing.

Leadership had a chance to get it right but they didn't care.  Its been fun and games for them but now the war is coming to our shores.  All the talk about "disarming hate" will lose to the need for personal protection.

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