Sunday, June 05, 2016

Graphic vid of an assault on an outpost in Aleppo (Arabic Speaker Needed!)

Thanks to Info Infantry for the vid!

I have so many questions about this vid.  I question the source (even though I posted it), I question the content, and I even question what we're seeing.

Has the combat devolved into basically hits on anyone carrying a gun?  If so then this isn't war, this is simply nation wide anarchy (and yeah there is a difference).

From what I could see the people being assaulted didn't appear to be Syrian Soldiers, YPG or any other group.  Just some people carrying weapons in a war zone (which makes sense in my opinion).

Which brings me back to my title.  I need that "foreword" deciphered on this one.  I want to see what the bastards are claiming here.  Any help is appreciated.

NOTE:  I keep watching this and from my chair either they're changing their "marketing" of these vids or this is fake.  I have never seen ISIS hesitate to show blood and gore in their vids.  As a matter of fact they revel in it.  Additionally we're talking about people being hit with rifle and machine gun fire.  I'm not seeing the type of "body damage" even in the limited views we get of their victims.  Something is off here.

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