Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Japanese Ground Self Defense Force planning mechanized combined arms defense of their islands! Must see vid!

Google Translate of the video description...
Publicity video "to attack the islands to about" let me introduce you.
Our country is the world, the 6th of the exclusive economic zone, such as having a vast surrounded by the sea, and the self-Defense Force who territorial waters and airspace around the sea in the airspace of constant continuous information gathering and monitoring to alert You can have.
"6,852" this is our country has, the number of the islands.
Against this attack in order to cope with," Who put the " troops ""," To prevent the invasion of the necessary force " Mobile development ""," In Island was invaded in the case of the " back "" 3 stages of important.
In this video, two stage 3 image and easy into the structure.
Our country has, the beautiful islands islands in order to protect the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, this is the stage from 3 from effective deterrence and to deal with.
The Japanese appear to be upping the ante with this video.  I can't understand any of the narration but I get the impression that they're not only going to set up an EEZ (possibly more far reaching than is advisable) but they're planning on enforcing it with arms.

They're highlighting their Mobile Combat Vehicles, AAVs, MV-22s (for better or worse they're in the club now), Type 90, Type 10, AH-64....they're calling for an all hands on deck routine.

I wonder.

I know the entire region fears the Japanese because of actions in WW2...but they appear to be moving toward an "active" defense.  Considering the animosity between the Japanese and Chinese, could we actually see the nightmare scenario of two aggressive ship captains bumping hulls in the middle of the ocean kicking off a major regional war?

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