Monday, June 13, 2016

Lockheed Martin insults Canadian decision makers in effort to sell the F-35.

Check out this article from The Globe and Mail.
Mr. Over took particular umbrage with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent comment that the F-35 “doesn’t work” and is far away from reaching its potential. There are already 185 F-35s flying in the United States and Italy, with plans to have more than 600 of them flying all over the world by 2020.
“I’m mystified,” Mr. Over said.
He went on to quote a lieutenant-general in the U.S. Marine Corps who has referred to his current fleet of F-35s as “Jurassic Park.” “His logic is, ‘Anything that comes into my jungle, this airplane kills,’” Mr. Over said.
Lockheed Martin is desperate.  You don't insult potential customers....correction, you don't insult decision makers unless you've already determined that this sale isn't possible.

What I don't understand is what they hope to accomplish with statements like this?

Sidenote:  You and I both know that the "Lieutenant General" that Mr. Over is talking about is Deputy Commandant for Aviation Davis.  They're actually using his lies as part of their sale pitch.  Just plain wow.  Its past time for him to go.  I'm sure he won't mind.  I bet you an AR-15 that Davis winds up on the Lockheed Martin board of directors a month or so after retirement.

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