Tuesday, June 14, 2016

London starts down the road to being the capital of the Caliphate!

Many thanks to Thiago for the link!

via Brietbart
London’s first ever Muslim Mayor is set to ban images of ‘unrealistic’ scantily clad women from ads on public transport, which could see the city adopt some of the most censorious policies in the Western world.
Sadiq Khan argued for the move by appropriating the language of feminism, claiming that alluring images of beautiful women could make them “ashamed of their bodies”.
Ironically, the policy is likely to please both the misogynistic Islamist and prudish, third wave feminist, whose ends appear increasingly similar.

The announcement comes five years after suspected Islamists began painting over images of bikini clad women in Tower Hamlets in East London, and last year after feminists begansimilarly defacing images of women in bikinis on London transport.
Story here.

London fell not with a whimper, but by political correctness fueling an election.  Simply awesome.

This isn't entirely bad news though.  You can stick a fork in the idea of the UK remaining in the EU.

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