Tuesday, June 14, 2016

LRV400 Mk2 light reconnaissance vehicle

via UPI
Engineering and design company Supacat has launched its new light reconnaissance vehicle at the Eurosatory exhibition in France.
The LRV400 Mk2 light reconnaissance vehicle is designed for special forces, border patrol or strike forces for use as a high performance off-road vehicle for rapid intervention operations.
"LRV400 Mk2 is the first reconnaissance vehicle to give the user the ability to deploy from a Chinook [helicopter] in full operational readiness," said Phil Applegarth, head of Supacat, part of the SC Group. "Coming from the Supacat stable, LRV400 offers a scaled down version of 'Jackal' with its acclaimed all terrain tactical performance in all environments."
The LRV400 has the capability of being converted from a 4x4 configuration to a 6x6 configuration for increased payload, capacity and range, Supacat said.
Too little too late.

Don't get me wrong.  The Special Ops Vehicle market is hot and I understand everyone trying to pile into it, but US Special Ops has led the way and with declining budgets this market belongs to variants of civilian ATVs.  Right now
Polaris rules the roost and even the USMC is about to dump the ITV and follow SOCOM's lead and migrate over to the MZRZ.  The days of high priced internally carried vehicles specifically designed to act as raid, transport or prime movers for 120mm mortars is over.  Long live the civilian to military ATV!

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