Thursday, June 02, 2016

New 8x8 Wheeled Infantry Fighting Vehicle Concept from Kazakhstan!

Thanks to Galvars for the link!

via Military Informant
Kazakhstan will organize the production of modern wheeled armored vehicle "Barys" of national development.
New wheeled combat vehicle is unique in its kind and was developed on the basis of the project company Paramount Engineering. The new military machine has a completely flat bottom but can withstand a blast capacity of 10 kg of TNT.
In addition, as the main armament of the new wheeled combat vehicle "Barys" serves the combat unit caliber 57 mm AU-220M production of "Uralvagonzavod".
To date, only four large companies in the world can boast of such technologies. Kazakhstan rose to a level with the major powers and manufacturers.
57mm gun.

Damn it.  The Russians are really pushing this armor race by seeming to almost standardize on the 57mm gun!

We're gonna have to at least match it (or hopefully someone from the Armor School House will explain why a 30mm is good enough) or risk being outgunned.

The Pentagon is so focused on the skies that they're missing what's happening on the ground.

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