Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Poland is building Armed BlackHawks!

Thanks to Josephine for the link!

via Flight Global.
Sikorsky company PZL Mielec used NATO’s multi-national exercise Anakonda to debut an armed version of the S-70i Black Hawk in mid-June. On display in Drawsko Pomorskie, Poland, the rotorcraft attracted visitors including Polish defence minister Antoni Macierewicz.
Four pylons under stub wings can be used to carry Lockheed Martin AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-surface missiles, seven- or 19-round Hydra 70 rocket pods and GAU-19 gun pods, plus 200USgal crashworthy external fuel system tanks. The aircraft also can be equipped with an electro-optical/infrared sensor turret and door-mounted 12.7mm machine guns or M134 miniguns.
I fantasize about a Marine Corps air wing that went a different way.  Instead of trying to pursue leap ahead technology, we simply improved what already worked and chased an Armed BlackHawk as our CH-46 replacement, went with Growlers to take over for the EA-6, bought two seat Super Hornets for the Carrier mission and waited to see what happened with the F-35.

That fantasy is dead, but the Armed BlackHawk isn't.  My prediction?  This helicopter will be a best seller.

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