Sunday, June 12, 2016

The terrorist attack in Orlando just reset the Presidential race.

I've been monitoring the terrorist attack in Orlando this morning and as much as I want to avoid it, the debate must be had.

First, the media.

MSNBC is focusing on the weaponry instead of the ideology.  They pushed the idea of it being a hate crime, then accepted that it was a terrorist attack and then decided to focus on the gun control issue.  Its quite sickening.  The idea that a gun ban would prevent acts like this is nonsense.  Its fantasy land thinking.  While the media focuses on gun related deaths, more Americans will die from being fat and lazy at a MUCH higher rate than they will from guns.

Second, the President.

He's gonna address the nation in a few minutes.  My political leanings have me believing that we're gonna hear the usual boiler plate.  Islam is the religion of peace.  We must not confuse the religion with the acts of people that carry out terrorist attacks in the name of it.  We're not seeing any seriousness about the radical Islam threat.

Last, Trump will win this fall.

We're gonna see more terrorist attacks (the number unknown but they will hit us again this year), that combined with a terrible job market and an economy that is due to go south at anytime will see Trump win.  I am far from being a fan but he's better than Hillary.  Is he a ego maniac?  Probably but what politician isn't!  Is he a political neophyte?  Definitely but we've seen what pro's can do and we're screwed beyond belief.


One terrible Sunday reset the Presidential race.  Trump was on the ropes but now he's back in the game.

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