Saturday, June 11, 2016

There is no food pyramid in Australia

pics via Lunch Box Actual Tumblr Page.

An Australian woman kayaking in Queensland came across a massive Olive Python feeding on a Fresh Water Crocodile. Incredible.

Quote from a reader.
There is no food pyramid in Australia. It’s just a 3 dimensional food mesh with anything on a node eating every other adjacent node, if it did not get eaten by them first.
My thoughts?  Nope.  Nope.  FUCK Nope!  You do realize that if a snake can consume a croc then a full grown man is just a treat. Australia.  You have a wonderful country, stunning landscapes, sparkling cities and beautiful women.

Even with all that I still say...NOPE!  This shit creeps me the fuck out.  I can deal with the idea of a venomous snake.  One of the big prey cats?  I can wrap my head around that.  Alligators, crocodiles?  You wander near the water then hey, you know to be careful.

But Australia is the land where every creature is designed specifically to end human life!!  I mean FUCK!  They have freaking spiders that eat birds!

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