Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Turkey's Amphibious Tulpar S Tracked Vehicle at Eurosatory 2016.

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via Yenisafak.com
Turkey's largest privately-owned defense manufacturer, Otokar, introduced its latest tracked armored vehicle, TULPAR-S, in Eurosatory 2016, which was held in Paris June 13 - 17.

TULPAR-S stands out for its superior mobility, protection and amphibious capability.

It is the new member of Otokar's new generation of light tracked vehicles. TULPAR-S is a 15-ton amphibious tracked vehicle platform, first unveiled in the Weapon Carrier Vehicle configuration during IDEF 2015, in Istanbul.

The vehicle is able to operate in the worst environmental and terrain conditions and survive most common threats in the battlefield. It is able to cross deep water obstacles and swim in turbulent conditions with its amphibious capabilities.

TULPAR-S carries commander, driver and eight fully geared crew members. Access to the vehicle is through a hydraulically operated ramp, with an escape door at the rear of the vehicle. Driver and commander can access the vehicle through their hatches on the top deck.

The Otokar's latest product has modular armor which allows the vehicle to be easily configured for added protection in different protection levels. TULPAR-S ballistic protection is supported with mine-resistant double-layer welded structure, shock absorbing floating floor, mine-blast resistant crew seats and spall liners in the crew cabin.

It was displayed in Eurosatory 2016 in the Armored Personnel Carrier configuration.
This is interesting.  I don't see water jets so that's going to limit it to river crossings and probably make it incapable of movements from ship to shore.  I also wonder why they're hiding the troop compartment in the photos.

I still see potential in the design.  It actually reminds me of a blast from the past.  Remember this proposed vehicle for the Marine Corps?  It was an amphibious vehicle, M-113 sized, but tailor made for the Marine Corps.  The Tulpar S has the chance to pick up that mantle and move forward with a different concept than the rest.

If they make it ship to shore capable...if they prove that its mobility is superior to the USMC ACV 1.1 concepts...if the price is right...then they could take the market by storm.

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