Tuesday, June 21, 2016

UAE just bought 40 Polish Rosomaks (Patria AMV) with extra armor, no swim capabilities.

via Defense 24.
The company Wolverine SA executed a contract under which she had to deliver chassis base 40 wheeled APCs destined for the United Arab Emirates. Vehicles have reinforced armor, are not adapted to overcome water obstacles swimming.

As reported Defence24.pl Wolverine SA spokesman Michael Rumin, the company realized a contract for transporters destined for the United Arab Emirates. Its area of ​​responsibility included the production and transfer to the disposal of the Contracting Authority, which is the company Patria forty chassis base Rosomak.
Currently, all vehicles have already been shipped to the port, before the representatives of the Finnish company moved acceptance of all transporters. Michael Rumin pointed out that the integration of additional equipment and delivery to the intended recipient - United Arab Emirates - will correspond to the Finnish company Patria, which is to transfer vehicles to the UAE.
This is interesting.  UAE is apparently learning the lessons of combat in Yemen and is adjusting.  Buying new vehicles with reinforced armor and dropping the amphibious requirement is big news.  UAE has been big on the idea of being able to float their IFV/APCs but that conflict seems to be changing their thinking.

I'm looking forward to learn the full specifications of this vehicle but it could be a game changer in the armored vehicle market.  Depending on the type of armor reinforcement applied we could be looking at another 5 tons of weight.

That would make the UAE Rosomaks the heaviest Patria AMVs in service...and it could make 30 plus ton wheeled APCs common.  That's kinda wild.  30 tons was seen as the upper limit of wheeled IFV/APC not long ago.

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